Cudzí jazyk

We love English

26 children attend our kindergarten to learn English. Every day is full of English words, songs, rhymes, games and activities. We use English as often as it is possible. There are a lot of situations during the whole day in which we can learn useful words and phrases. The aim of teaching English is not only to teach it but love it as well. We have achieved excelent results in our work. At the end of the school year our children at the age 4 – 6 know a lot of English songs, rhymes, games and stories. They are able to understand familiar words and very basic phrases concerning themselves, their family, friends, toys, colours, numbers, weather, days, seasons, clothes, my house, my room, holidays – Christmas, Easter, fruit, vegetables, interview, my body, food, drinks, animals, activities, nature and answer simple guestions in areas of immediate need or on familiar topics. The best way to learn foreign languages is to „make friends“ with them. That is the reason we use interesting ways and various methods to teach English. We involve children in a variety of fun, educational and stimulating activities. Our children love English and that is the first step to be good at it in the future. We have our internal English teacher. Her name is Andrea Jadrníčková. It is a great advantage that children know her very well. English language can thus be taught throughout the day.

Plán činnosti 2019/2020

Október: Greetings, Colour, Numbers, Fruit, Vegetables, Family, My friends + Activities

November: My body, My face, Clothes, + Activities

December: Winter, Winter activities, Christmas, present + Activities

Január: Food, drinks, Toys, What is this + Activities

Február: Weather, Days of the week, Months + Activities

Marec: My house, My room, My classroom + Activities

Apríl: Animals, Easter, In the park, Comands + Activities

Máj: Mothers“day, Summer Activities, Sports, School, + Activities